Automated External Defibrillator's (AED) are an essential part of providing quality care during a cardiac arrest event.  An AED is a lightweight, portable device that delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart that can stop an irregular rhythm and allow a normal rhythm to resume.

Because AEDs are portable, it possible for non-medical people to respond to an emergency where defibrillation is required. They can be made part of emergency response programs that also include the rapid use of 9-1-1 and prompt delivery of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). All of these activities are critical to improving survival from cardiac arrest.

Our team is qualified to ensure your AED is ready for use in a time of need.  We offer regular maintenance inspections monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually.  

AEDs should be checked monthly.  To ensure your AED is always in proper working order check the following:

  • Status Light Indicator
  • Pad Expiration Dates
  • Battery Function
  • AED & Connections are in good condition
  • AEDs are within date of the current guidelines
  • Corrective actions are not needed
  • Software is up to date

Our affordable maintenance contract program is tailored to your needs to ensure you are always up to date.  With any maintenance contract, you are provided with:

  • Written Inspection Reports
  • Battery Replacement Reminders
  • Pad Replacement Reminders
  • Discounts on Pads and Batteries

We will provide an on-site review with each AED Maintenace Program to ensure your AED is placed in the best possible location for optimum accessability.  You could be held liable if your AED isn't easily accessible.  

Request a Quote for your AED Maintenance Program!  Please provide the number of AED's you have, the brand of each AED, and locations of the AED.

AED Programs