Thank you for your interest in becoming an American Heart Association (AHA) Instructor.  Code Blue 4U takes pride in developing and mentoring instructors to be confident with their training to provide quality courses.  Our instructors are both confident and professional to present incredibly valuable information to save a life.  Instructor training is simply training on how to become an instructor.  It's not designed to make you an expert in the subject matter.  However, becoming an expert generally takes years of education and teaching.

The following is a brief outline of what's involved in instructor training.

  • Any individual interested in becoming an instructor must hold a current "Provider Level" certification from the AHA (meaning you hold a current First Aid and/or CPR certification).  You will be asked to present a copy of your card 


The first step of Instructor training is the AHA's on-line Essentials course.

If you're a BLS Instructor, follow this link to complete the Essentials course.

If you're a Heartsaver Instructor, follow this link to complete the Essentials course.

Next, we will meet with you individually for a Training Center Orientation. We will explain your role and responsibilities as an instructor, our responsibility as your training center, the hierarchy of the AHA and all the administrative components involved in being an instructor.

Finally, if you're an individual going through instructor training, you will join us for one of our classes as an assistant instructor. This will give you an opportunity to ease into the role of an instructor. If we are conducting training for your small group, we will preview the video in depth discussing various facets of the class, teaching techniques and practice teaching different components of the class.

Once these requirements have been met the instructor will be able to teach on their own. However, if an instructor wishes, they may assist with as many additional classes as they want. CPR Professionals' role as the instructors Training Center is continuous support. We simply wish to give instructors every resource possible so they feel comfortable and confident teaching this material.

The cost of Instructor Training is $275.00.

This cost does not included the American Heart Association Essentials course or the Instructor Manual.  


BLS (Healthcare Provider) instructors will need to order the following:


Heartsaver (non healthcare providers) Instructors will need to order the following:

Mannequins, classroom videos, student manuals, certification cards and other teaching supplies are not included in the cost of Instructor training.